KD-61053.jpg Rearview Mirrors Re-Attachment Kit
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Itís happening all the time. Rearview mirrors falling or breaking off. Sometimes when rearview mirrors and the mirror button come off, the windshield is not affected. These are the easy ones to fix. But other times, when the rearview mirror breaks off-it takes a piece of the windshield with it. In the past this was a big problem. Car owners were forced to replace their entire windshield, or try to re-attach their rearview mirror in a different location on their windshield.

Rearview Mirror Saver from Clear Star has been designed and engineered to re-mount rearview mirrors-quickly, easily and inexpensively. From the simple re-mounting-to the most complex. Whatís more, Rearview Mirror Saver has been tested and proven to make longer lasting and more durable repairs than any other leading brand. And unlike many other repair kits, Rearview Mirror Saver makes all these repairs so that changes in temperature actually strengthen the bonding process.

No matter how your customersí rearview mirror falls or breaks off-Rearview Mirror Saver solves customersí problems, and it will build greater sales and profits for you.

Sample illustration of how kit components fit together to form a repair

Glass is broken inside of windshield

Use re-surface disc and round activator screen to restore button's mounting surface when glass is broken away.

Now bracket assembly can be mounted to the original position on the windshield.