Crack Pack
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The Clear Star crack repair method teaches you to repair small stress cracks that emulate from the windshield edge and small cracks that extend from typical stone chip type breaks. Cracks can start out small, but often spread quickly across the entire windshield. The focus is on stopping small cracks before they spread beyond repair. The end of the crack is the tightest area and consequently the most difficult area to repair.

Repairing small cracks requires drilling a pilot hole 1/8 inch beyond the end of the crack and then creating a miniature bull's-eye at the drilled pilot hole to relive the stress. Once the stress is relieved, the bull's-eye is repaired by performing a typical windshield repair and applying the crack resin along the crack and then curing.

The Clear Star crack pack includes the tools and instructions to perform small crack repair, providing an insight to the crack repair process and the results obtainable.

  Crack Pack Kit contains:
1 Bottle of UV Crack Filler Resin (12cc)
1 Miniature Bull's-eye Maker (crack stopper)
5 Drill Bits (.035)
25 Resin Applicators
50 Mylar Squares
1 Bottle Pit Polish (1/4 oz.)
1 Razor Blade
1 Instruction Sheet