KD-2038.jpg Security Glass Etch Kit
Order# CS GE40

$153.00  The price in Kiev!
Add a new service to your operation with the Clear Star Glass Etching System. The Auto Glass Patrol Anti-Theft Glass Etch Kit provides 24 hour a day protection for automobiles.
Offer your customers this extra anti-theft protection for their cars with the Auto Glass Patrol permanent glass etching system. It takes 30 minutes to etch all the glass on a car.
The kit contains material to etch 25 to 40 cars providing a high profit margin for the service.

Brush on glass etching cream over the pre-typed vehicle identification number (VIN) on the stencil.

Warning decals are applied to both sides of the vehicle behind the etched door window glass.
Kit Contains:
160 Stencils
80 Decals
1 Bottle of etching cream (1oz) with applicator brush
1 Instruction sheet