AP-WINDK.jpg Headligh Repair Kit
Order# CS HL20

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Every day car owners are finding their headlights broken by flying rocks or pebbles. Itís just as common as a broken or cracked windshield. Clear Starís new Headlight Saver seals and protects damaged housings, forming a permanent weather proof seal, and eliminates expensive housing replacement.

When it rains and a headlight gets broken, water passes through the damaged area, and burns out the inner bulb. Unless the glass housing is repaired, replacement bulbs will continue to burn out from additional moisture and rain.

Clear Starís Headlight Saver provides a simple, low cost alternative to bulb and glass headlight housing replacement. Cash in on this new opportunity and offer this new service to your customers.

An adhesive transparent disc mounts quickly to the damaged housing for an instant repair without the need to remove the housing.

When Halogen lamps can be removed, an injector applied resin to strengthen internal structure of the glass through the bulb hole.
Kit Contains:
20 Protective discs
20 Adhesive seals
1 Bottle UV resin (12cc)
1 Syringe applicator
1 Extension Tube
1 Instruction Sheet