AP-9039.jpg Plate Glass Repair Kit
Order# CS PG10

$245.00  The price in Kiev!
Clear Star has patented a plate glass repair system that fills voids in damaged plate glass, a problem commonly seen in store front windows. With plate glass damage, the broken glass is removed leaving a void, whereas in windshield damage the broken glass remains in place surrounded by air pockets, requiring a totally different repair procedure.

This new product opens up another source of profit for your business. This simple to use, well engineered product provides the necessary design technique to vent the air when filling the void with a liquid UV resin. The resin is then cured with an Ultra Violet lamp forming a permanent repair, leaving a slight bead around the damaged area.

Keep in mind when selecting a plate glass repair system that repairing plate glass is more than just providing a resin, it requires a repair system having design techniques that can handle the unique characteristics of plate glass damage.

Kit Contains:
10 Pedestals
10 Vent Gaskets
10 Pedestal seals
10 Vent Gasket seals
1 Bottle UV resin (20cc)
1 Carbide probe
1 UV Curing Lamp (battery operated)
1 Lamp clip with suction cup
4 Penlight batteries
1 Instruction sheet
1 Carrying case

*Re-supply kit for plate glass is available in Model # CS PG10R, includes all the components to perform 10 additional repairs.