Super Vac Deluxe
Order# CS SVD

$1.198,00  The price in Kiev!
This system is designed for the glass repair specialist who performs high volume repairs and requires a high intensity UV curing lamp. The Super Vac Deluxe contains both a UV shop lamp (110 volts, also available in 220 volts) as well as a portable battery operated UV lamp.

The Deluxe also includes two injector assemblies for performing two repairs simultaneously. The added components provide both back up and flexibility. The SVD performs 100 repairs and includes a thin based crack filler resin for repairing small cracks.

Kit Contains:
2 Injector Assemblies
150 Adhesive Alignment Seals
50 Pedestals (Resin chamber)
1 Bottle of UV Quick Cure Resin (25 cc)
1 Bottle of UV Crack Filler Resin (25 cc)
3 Hoses (30 inches)
2 Flow Regulators
1 Carbide Probe
1 UV Curing Shop Lamp (operates on 110 volts, also available in 220 volts)
1 UV Curing Battery Lamp (operates with penlight batteries)
4 Penlight Batteries
100 Mylar squares for pit repairs
1 Bottle Pit Polish
10 Razor Blades and Holders
1 Instruction Manual
1 Drill (12,00 RPM)
1 Drill Adapter
1 Mandrel with Felt Polishing Tip
2 Carbide Drill Bits
1 Miniature Bill's Eye Maker
25 Crack Resin applicators
1 Carrying Case