Super Vac Special
Order# CS UV24

$395.00  The price in Kiev!
The Clear Star Super Vac Special contains everything needed to perform 24 high quality, professional repairs in a compact, portable case. This system is affordable and easy to use. The Super Vac Special is proven to be the perfect way to get started in performing windshield repairs.

Kit Contains:
1 Injector Assembly
24 Adhesive Alignment Seals
24 Pedestals (Resin chamber)
1 Bottle of UV Resin (12cc)
2 Hoses (30 inches)
1 Flow Regulator
1 Carbide Probe
1 UV Curing Lamp (operates with batteries or use lamp adapter E/W cigarette lighter connection)
1 UV Lamp Adapter (connects to UV lamp and cigarette lighter)
4 Penlight Batteries
24 Mylar squares for pit repairs
1 Bottle Pit Polish
1 Razor Blade and Holder
1 Instruction Manual
1 Carrying Case