Super Vac Special with Drill
Order# CS UV24D

$487.00  The price in Kiev!
The Clear Star UV24D includes a glass drill which is used when the surface damage is not large enough for the resin to penetrate and also stop cracks from spreading. Drilling opens up air passages for star type breaks which contain spider cracks and creates a pit for the resin to flow freely into the damaged area.

Shops having multiple locations and mobil operations will find this inexpensive system to be the best solution for the growing glass repair market.

Kit Contains:

1 Injector Assembly
24 Adhesive Alignment Seals
24 Pedestals (Resin Chamber)
1 Bottle of UV Resin (12cc)
2 Hoses (30 inches)
1 Flow Regulator
1 Carbide Probe
1 UV Curing Lamp (operates with batteries or use lamp adapter E/W cigarette lighter connection)
1 UV Lamp Adapter (connects to UV lamp and cigarette lighter)
4 Penlight Batteries
24 Mylar squares for pit repairs
1 Bottle Pit Polish
1 Razor Blade and Holder
1 Instruction Manual
1 Drill (12,000 RPM)
1 Drill Adapter
2 Carbide Drill Bits
1 Carrying Case