Brite Solutions Inc. 211738
A/C Detective UV Leak Detection Starter Kit
Order# BSL211738

$199.00  The price in Kiev!
• More Powerful, Cleaner, Easier, Faster Multiple Injection
• It’s the best multiple injection system ever, designed by technicians to meet the needs of technicians. Effortlessly inject dye even at 150 psi.
• Built-in feature prevents air from entering A/C system.
• A solid tool made of rugged materials to withstand the toughest shop.

Easy to use:
1. Attach coupling to low-side service port.
2. Pull trigger once. Dye is injected into A/C system with ease.

Starter Kit Includes:
1 Gold Edition Supra Led Light (800018),
1 Pair Maxi-Brite Goggles (BSL754),
A/C Detective Gun (117002),
Dye Bottle w/16 Applications (117073),
R-134a Coupling (117001) Hose (117003),
R-12 Adapter (117004),
Purge Fitting (117005),
1 2-oz (59 ml) Dye-Out Dye Cleaner (700013),
16 Underhood ID Labels,
All MSDS & Instructions,
Sturdy Plastic Carrying Case