Brite Solutions Inc. E95000
A/C Investigator® - A/C System Diagnostic Tool
Order# BSLE95000

$3,240.82  The price in Kiev!
• The most advanced A/C diagnostics system in the world featuring more OEM approvals than all rival testers combined.
• Find problems with A/C systems the first time.
• Easy to operate.
• Runs over 20 tests simultaneously on problems including: Condenser, TXV, Orifice Tube, Evaporator, Clutch Cycling Switch, Blend Door, Hoses and Compressor.
• Built-in printer for clear easy to understand diagnostic printouts.
• Includes: A/C Investigator, battery connection cable with chips, R134a & R12 adapters, tee connections for Low Pressure & High Pressure lines, one pair capillary (hose) lines, 2 electrical probes with wire piercing tips, 3 thermal coupler holding clips, 2 Purge-Mate fittings (air & gas release), and molded storage case.