Cliplight 51105
Universal Application ROC Oil for A/C - 500 mL
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Universal for All Mobile A/C Applications - eliminates the need to carry different grades or viscosities of a/c lubricants
Top Up or Fill Up - compatible in any ratio with all lubricants
Refrigerant Compatibility - ROC oil is compatible with HCFCs, CFCs, HFCs, HFC blends, and HCFC blends
Zero Moisture Absorption - both PAG and ester lubricants can absorb up to 50% of their weight in water that could end up in the A/C system
Low Miscibility - more lubrication stays in the compressor and less travels with the refrigerant, reducing the chances of starving the compressor or lubrication, especially in the case of refrigerant loss.
ROC oil is a highly refined synthetic lubricant with an operating range of -90F to 599F that will not break down over extended use
ROC oil lubricated A/C systems are more efficient with quicker 'pull down' times and lower vent temperatures. Compressors acheive: Lower operating temperature with less noise; reduced 'load and run times'; improved durability; less H.P. draw
500 mL bottle.