LT-800.jpg Lock Technology
Inflatable Dent Remover Kit
Order# LT 800

$108,75  The price in Kiev!
The LT 800 Inflatable Dent Remover uses hand pumped air pressure to push out dents from the inside of door and fender panels.
Comes with 2 inflatable dent removers:
- 8" x 8" Square Inflatable Dent Remover for removing dents in tight corners or along welded seams and panel edges.
- 14" x 8" Oblong Inflatable Dent Remover for longer, larger, more accessible dents.
Perfect for paintless dent removal.
Universal applications for all automobiles, SUVs, and trucks.
Eliminate high points caused by body slide hammers and picks.
Pushes dents out to their normal shape avoiding excessive bondo and sanding work.
A real material and time saver.