MLL-907060C.jpg Miller Electric/Auto Arc
Pro-170 Mig Welder with Cart- 175 Amp
Order# MLL907060C

$2,156.25  The price in Kiev!
Welds up to 1/4" mild steel, stainless, and aluminum in a single pass.
Infinite voltage control with wire feed tracking
Durable all metal wire feadhead - designed to last longer and make setup easier and faster
Miller's exclusive "Tip-Save" short circuit protection - shuts down output when tip is shorted to work.
Convenient polarity change over for flux or solid wire.
Thermal overload protection and self-resetting motor protection.
Comes with mobile mig cart with tray and gas cylinder holder.
Comes with power source, cord, plug, 10 ft. mig gun and cable, 10 ft. work cable, regulator/flow gauge, sample spool of solid wire, 2 contact tips, information/setting chart.

Amperage Range: 30 to 175 Amp
Input power: 230V, 19.5 Amp, 60 Hz, Single-Phase
Rated output: 130A at 20VDC, 30% duty cycle
Max. Open Circuit Voltage: 30
Spool sizes: Accepts 4" and 8" spools, solid or flux core
Tool Weight: 81 Lbs.