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Genisys Domestic 2005 Software Update Kit
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Pathfinder troubleshooting information from 92 to 04 provides critical information at the technician’s fingertips. In addition to the Repair-Trac and Fast Fixes™ databases, repair information includes Code information, Symptoms, Data/sensor information, Specifications, PCM connector information, TSB references, and Component location.

• Includes 3 powerful repair information databases.
• Fast Fixes™ Repair Information Database is a “sister” info database to Repair-Trac that provides a vehicle-specific checklist of the most likely and most overlooked causes. Systems covered are Engine performance, Brakes, Starting, Steering, Charging, Suspension, and HVAC.
• Repair-Trac™ Tech Tips is the largest database of known vehicle-specific fixes available to the automotive aftermarket. Only the Genisys scan tool has the diagnostic power and the largest repair database to help you work smarter. Offers coverage from 1969 through 2004 for USA domestic, USA Asian, and USA European vehicles, Aftermarket TSBs based on information from over 2 million tech service calls, Access Repair-Trac from the Main Menu, Data Stream, or Trouble Code menus, and Quickly identify vehicle-specific pattern failures.
• Expanded Systems & Special Tests Focus on expanding System and Special Tests coverage for prior year vehicles as well as 2005. The buyer of 2005 software will improve his coverage back through many years!
• Code Library offers fast access to OBD II Generic and OEM Enhanced DTC descriptions from the Repair Information menu. USB Drive Expanded Recording allows the user to expand the data recording time by using the USB drive. When complete, the recordings can be uploaded to the free ConnecTech Reader software via USB drive directly to the PC.
• Enhanced data monitor graphs now include an average reading for spotting data trends quickly. Fast diagnosis of O2 sensor lean and rich trends, as an example.
• Large lists of information are in alphanumeric order with the ability to page quickly through the list using the right and left arrows.
• Kit includes expanded vehicle coverage, Pathfinder troubleshooting with Repair-Trac, Fast Fixes, Smart Card, manual, ConnecTech Reader, and the NGIS Windows-based program CD for downloading software updates.

• Important Note: Genisys System 2.0 required to install