OTC-3421-57.jpg OTC Division of SPX Corp.
InfoTech 2005 Software Coverage for Genisys
Order# OTC3421-57

$590.00  The price in Kiev!
Now with increased coverage to Domestic coverage from 1984 through 2005. Plus a major increase in coverage for Asian and European wiring, circuit descriptions, component and control module locations!

Domestic, Asian, and European vehicle coverage for vehicles on the road today.
Engine, transmission, and ABS systems covered.
Asian and European coverage added for component wiring, circuit descriptions, component and control module locations.
Vehicle System Test (multiple charging, fuel, and ignition tests)
Engine Specifications
Functional Tests
Circuit Description
Component Locations
Wiring Diagrams
Connector Information
Component Specifications
Reference Waveforms
Oil Light Reset Procedures
Current Ramping Tests
Transducer Tests

InfoTech software is available for Genisys scan tools!
Genisys scan tool without Scope InfoTech is available from the Repair Information menu and operates as a stand-alone electronic database.
Genisys scan tool with Scope module InfoTech not only provides the powerful repair information, but also sets up the Genisys Scope module for you!

InfoTech 2005 software provides the key information to take a vehicle-specific
symptom or fault code to a fast and accurate repair. The kit includes InfoTech 2005 Smart
Card, manual, and the NGIS Windows-based program CD for downloading software updates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Requires Genisys System 2.0 required to install. See OTC 3421-58