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Genisys Performance Gas Module
Order# OTC3780

$3,999.95  The price in Kiev!
The module easily snaps onto the Genisys, providing another level of diagnostic capability. The Genisys Gas M-P Software is operating software for the Performance Gas Module and an update for the MicroGas Module. Combining exhaust analysis with computer scan based testing provides cause and effect diagnosis capabilities. This powerful combination covers any emission related diagnosis required, and the advanced gas diagnostics provide the ability to test for mechanical failures.
Compact 5-gas module weighs less than 1-1/2 lbs.
Automatic water purge eliminates the need to disassemble water trap or manually drain water.
Water overload protection keeps liquids from entering the system.
Automatic zero mode eliminates the need to remove the sample probe from the tailpipe.
Heavy-duty pump is rated at 2-10 times the life expectancy of other portable analyzers.
Heavy-duty filtration has long life as compared to competitive analyzers, which dramatically reduces operating costs.
Meets or exceeds BAR 97, OIML Class 0 standards.
Includes module, hose/probe, Gas M-P software, regulator, filters, manual, storage case.