OTC-3961.jpg OTC Division of SPX Corp.
Palm Scope Module Kit
Order# OTC3961

$684,95  The price in Kiev!
OTC's Palm Scope is designed for use with your Handspring Visor PDA, this battery operated, 2-channel lab scope module makes scope ownership truly affordable.
Component or circuit can be set selected to auto-configure scope settings.
Accurate cursor value will display regardless of the voltage range setting.
Absolute and relative voltage, frequency, and span are automatically calculated between two cursors. Ideal for those fast occuring events that can be missed by a scan tool.
Auto trigger capability. Bandwith: DC to 20 khz.
Visit www.otctools.com for complete Palm Scope information.
Palm Scope Module Kit includes: module for Handspring Visor PDA, software CD, set of black, yellow, and red test leads, and manual.
- Note: PDA is not included.