Robinair 348002KPROMO
Cool-Tech 348002K Automatic Dual Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling Machine with $2,318 Value Added Package
Order# ROB348002KPROMO

$8,938.95  The price in Kiev!

Robinair 348002KPROMO includes an amazing value added package with a $2,318 Retail Value!
Included with Purchase:
Vinyl Dust Cover - ROB 17492
Recycling Filter-Drier - ROB 34724
Refrigerant Sniffer - TIf 5750A
UV Dye Light - ROB 16350
Thermometer RAY ST20
A/C Disconnect Kit - OTC 6508
Flush Gun Kit - ROB 17595
DAT Tester - OTC 3543RWB
A/C Refrigerant Identifier - ROB 16910

- Other value added packages are available. Please ask for details.

Robinair 348002K Information:
Use the same unit for both R-12 and R-134a and save space in your shop. You can switch from one refrigerant to the other at the touch of button. The 34800-2K comes with two built-in manifolds, two tanks, two compressors and two electronic scales, so there's no need to clear or switch tanks. It takes up less room than two individual units and automatic operation makes it easy for any technician to use.
Automatic operation frees you up to do other work
Microprocessor With Scrolling Display: Controls all functions including evacuation time and recharge amount, plus signals when it's time to change the filter-drier, pump oil, etc.; alpha-numeric display shows messages which are easy to understand.
Automatic Air Purge: Any air in the tanks is automatically purged as needed to prevent the problems caused by air in a vehicle's A/C system; there are no gauges to monitor or valves to open.
Electronic Scale: Automatically shuts off the unit when the programmed amount of refrigerant has been recharged, also provides tank overfill protection and monitors the amount of refrigerant recovered. Storage vessels are permanently mounted and never need recertification.
Speeds service for increased profitability
Single Hook-Up: All service work is done in one fast, continuous operation through the one hook-up to the vehicle.
Heavy Duty Compressor: Pulls refrigerant from both the high and low sides of the A/C system for fastest recovery; compressor return oil separator keeps the compressor lubricated for long life, proper operation.
6 CFM Vacuum Pump: Powerful Cool-Tech vacuum pump has the power and capacity to pull down quickly and dehydrate thoroughly so you know the system is ready for a recharge.
Super-Fast Charging: A typical auto recharge takes a minute or less.
Oil Injection: Lets you add system oil in just seconds while the unit is in a vacuum.
Voltage: 115V 60 Hz
Refrigerant Tanks: Two 30lb (14kg), DOT approved
Operating Range: 50 degrees