SK Hand Tool 756
1/4” Drive Fractional/Metric Twist TurboSocket® Set - 16 Piece
Order# SK 756

$175.00  The price in Kiev!
• S•K’s most unique socket line to date, the new TurboSocket® design works to improve socket grip as more torque is applied.
• These Made-in-the-U.S.A. sockets easily remove damaged or rounded nuts and bolts with no hammering involved. Simply place the socket on the fastener, and turn.
• The versatile S•K TurboSocket® removes anything from oil pan plugs to corroded marine nuts and bolts. Slotted and Phillips® head screws too tight for a screwdriver can easily be extracted with the S•K TurboSocket®.
• They can even be utilized with a variety of power tools.

Set Contents: 16 pc. 1/4” Dr. Set: 1/4” - 3/8” / 6-10mm TurboSockets®