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Fuel Injector Canister-type Cleaner Kits
Order# STA-TU-470A

$384,95  The price in Kiev!
The TU-470 is a real time-saver for the professional Technician. Two gauges enable a Technician to check the vehicle fuel pressure with the bottom gauge and then easily set cleaning pressure with the top gauge by referring to vehicle fuel pressure on the bottom gauge. Cleans fuel injectors restoring the original spray pattern more effectively than aerosol method, giving improved performance, fuel economy, and emission tests. Cleans carbon from intake valves, fuel passages, and cylinders with a professional carbon cleaning solution. Uses shop air with any professional canister cleaning solution on the market, ample capacity - holds 20 oz. Use with our TU-443 master set that includes adapters to cover all fuel injection systems and most cars world wide or may also be used with all our other STAR fuel injection testers with quick coupler systems.