Tracerline TP1126
EZ-Shot™ 50-Watt A/C UV Leak Kit
Order# TP TP1126

$195.91  The price in Kiev!
• TP-1100 50-watt lamp
• TP-9790 EZ-Shot A/C dye injection kit with:
-TP-9747 Hose/coupler for R-134a systems with R-12 adapter/purge fitting
-TP-9770-0108 - 8 oz universal A/C dye cartridge for servicing up to 64 vehicles
• TP-9000-0008 - 8 oz spray bottle of GLO-AWAY™ dye cleaner
• TP-9940 Fluorescence-enhancing glasses
• TP-1140 Plastic carrying case