Tracerline TP9891
Mini-EZ Universal A/C Dye Injection Kit
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The patented Tracerline® Mini-EZ™ dye injection kit is an innovative solution that offers practical, efficient and convenient way for adding fluorescent A/C dye. Using the prefilled, disposable 1/4 oz cartridge, service technicians can now add Fluoro-Lite® dye to the vehicles A/C systems in a snap! One whole 1/4 oz dye cartridge per vehicle! One billable application! No risk of adding excessive dye resulting in wasted dollars. Perfect for managing dye usage! It's fast, easy to use and convenient. No complicated hookups! Ideal for preventative and programmed maintenance. The dye can remain safely in the system for future inspection too.

• Mini-EZ dye injector is the easiest and most accurate method of injecting a vehicle's A/C. Offers universal low side injection.
• Mini-EZ cartridges are prefilled, premeasured with solvent-free A/C dye, certified to meet SAE standard J2297.
• Includes:
1 - Mini-EZ injector assembly and R-134a hose with R-12 fitting for low-side
6 - Mini-EZ ¼ oz. universal A/C dye cartridges, each services 1 vehicle