TN-IS-140OT.jpg Imperial Schrade
Old Timer Trail Boss Knife
Order# IS 140OT
 The price in Kiev!
TN-IS-147OT.jpg Imperial Schrade
Pro Fisherman Fillet Knife
Order# IS 147OT
 The price in Kiev!

TN-IS-153UH.jpg Imperial Schrade
Golden Spike Hunting Knife
Order# IS 153UH

  $73,25 The price in Kiev!
TN-IS-152OT.jpg Imperial Schrade
Old Timer Sharpfinger Skinning Knife
Order# IS 152OT

  $36,80 The price in Kiev!

TN-IS-1ELK.jpg Imperial Schrade
Jim Zumbo Special Edition Hunting Knife
Order# IS 1ELK

  $92,25 The price in Kiev!
TN-IS-167UH.jpg Imperial Schrade
Steelhead Fillet Knife
Order# IS 167UH

  $52,80 The price in Kiev!

TN-IS-47OT.jpg Imperial Schrade
Beast Lockback Knife
Order# IS 47OT

  $37,30 The price in Kiev!
TN-IS-43OT.jpg Imperial Schrade
Pocket Beast Lockback Knife
Order# IS 43OT

  $33,60 The price in Kiev!

TN-IS-GT1GB.jpg Imperial Schrade
Fold-Up Golf Tool in Gift Box
Order# IS GT1GB

  $26,25 The price in Kiev!
TN-IS-8ELK.jpg Imperial Schrade
Jim Zumbo Lockback Hunting Knife
Order# IS 8ELK

  $61,60 The price in Kiev!

TN-IS-TM5.jpg Imperial Schrade
Tradesman Dual Edge Lockback Knife - 4"
Order# IS TM5

  $18,35 The price in Kiev!
TN-IS-SG7S.jpg Imperial Schrade
Outback Lock Back Knife with Sheath
Order# IS SG7S

  $53,20 The price in Kiev!

TN-IS-ST2NCP.jpg Imperial Schrade
Tough Chip 10 Function Multi-Purpose Compact Folding Tool
Order# IS ST2NCP

  $36,55 The price in Kiev!
TN-IS-ST1LGB.jpg Imperial Schrade
Tough Tool 21 Function Multi-Purpose Folding Tool
Order# IS ST1LGB

  $87,85 The price in Kiev!

TN-IS-TM8CP.jpg Imperial Schrade
Multi-Purpose Utility Shears/Scissors - 8-3/8"
Order# IS TM8CP

  $16,50 The price in Kiev!
TN-IS-TM7.jpg Imperial Schrade
Tradesman Mini Lockback Knife - 2-3/8"
Order# IS TM7

  $15,10 The price in Kiev!

TN-IS-TXR2.jpg Imperial Schrade
Texas Ranger 2nd Edition Lockback Knife Commemorative Set
Order# IS TXR2

  $85,45 The price in Kiev!
 Imperial Schrade
Tough Grip Multi-Tool with Vise Grip Pliers
Order# IS ST6HP

  $45.55  The price in Kiev!

TN-IS-AV22.jpg Imperial Schrade
Avatar Dual Blade Folding Knife - 3-5/8"
Order# IS AV22

  $81.85  The price in Kiev!
TN-IS-AV77.jpg Imperial Schrade
Avatar Lockback Knife - 4-3/16"
Order# IS AV77

  $81.85  The price in Kiev!

TN-IS-SS1.jpg Imperial Schrade
"Simon" Folding Key Chain Knife - 3"
Order# IS SS1

  $25.70  The price in Kiev!
Imperial Schrade
Tough Tool 21 Function +Sheath
Order# IS ST1

  $87.95 The price in Kiev!