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Airlift Cooling System Leak Checker and Airlock Purge Tool Kit
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The Problem: Airlocks in the cooling system of today's vehicles have become a prevelant problem. They can be caused by the positioning of the radiator at a level equal to or lower than the engine. Upon refilling with liquid, air is trapped in the cooling system reducing circulation. This results in overheating, added installation time and other problems. While OEM's have attempted to address this by installing air bleed devices on the cooling circuit, they are still plagued by airlocks
The Solution: The UView Airlift system purges those problematic airlocks, checks for vacuum leaks and then allows the technician to refill the system quickly and easily.
The Process: 1) Connect your shop air to Airlift & pull vacuum 2) Check for leaks 3) Insert refill hose in container of antifreeze, watch the cooling system fill within seconds