Viper Service Centers 980830
R134A A/C Recovery Hose Kit with Built-In Filtration Kit
Order# VPR980830

$248.70  The price in Kiev!
• Protects A/C Service Equipment from impurities including debris from compressor and seals, built up contaminants from the A/C System and stop-a-leak additives
• Designed for use during the A/C recovery and evacuation processes only.
• Upon completion of the evacuation process, the hoses are removed prior to the start of the recharge process to eliminate the potential for contaminants to be returned to the vehicle’s A/C system.
• Kit includes: (2) A/C service hoses with integrated filter housing and pre-installed filters, plus 8 replacement filters, an instruction sheet and a reminder label to be affixed to the A/C Service Center on which the kit is installed.