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VeDis Asian Scan Tool Set
Order# Vedis-A01

$4,255.00  The price in Kiev!
 The VeDis Diagnostic Tools
Covers 11 Makes! The most advanced All-in-One ASIAN Scan Tool at an affordable price! read codes, clear codes, live data and activation on :
NISSAN/INFINITI 1989-2002 models equipped with 14-pin connector or OBDII connector. Covers engine, transmission, ABS, Air Bag, TCS, 4WD, IVMS,
MISSUBISHI 1988-2001; engine, transmission, Air Bag, ABS.
HONDA/ACURA; 1991-2000; engine, transmission, air bag, ABS/VSA, service reset.
MAZDA 1990-2002; for models equipped with 6+1,17+8, & 20 pin connectors; engine, transmission, air bag, ABS.
TOYOTA/LEXUS1988-2001; engine, transmission, Air Bag, ABS
SUBARU 1997-2002; engine coverage.
DAIHATSU 1997-2002; engine, SRS.
Also covers all OBDII vehicles (ISO9141-2 & 14230/KWP2000, & SAE1850VPW).
Built by Autoland , 14 year old company specializing in the manufacture of diagnostic equipment.
Coverage varies on vehicles.
Cables shown in picture may vary. 1 year warranty