LIN-W93781.jpg Lincoln Automotive
Underlift Stand - 3/4 Ton with Foot Pedal
Order# LINW93781

$388,30  The price in Kiev!
50 lb. foot pedal force exerts 400 lbs. at cap
Foot pedal folds for convenience
Versatile under vehicle lift, use this stand to provide added safety, to spread springs, free frozen shackles, unload ball joints for lubrication, replace exhaust systems and shock absorbers, etc.
Slim design maximizes work spaces, storage
Acme screw allows for precise height adjustment

Capacity: 3/4 ton
Low height: 54-1/4"
High height: 80-1/2"
Base size: 12" diameter
Cap size: 4-1/2" x 1-1/4"