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Silverline Automotive Vacuum Pump Kit
Order# MIT4000

$91,60  The price in Kiev!
Designed for the professional mechanic, the Silverline Automotive Kit is the premier member of the MityVac line.
The Silverline repairable pump is made of zinc alloy die cast metal with an easily readable vacuum gauge graduated in inches and centimeters.
The Silverline pump with its brake bleeding accessories turns a two-person job into a simple one-person task. Fast, neat and efficient, it can be used on most hydraulic systems.
With today's engine vacuum requirements, the MityVac pump has become an integral part of every mechanic's toolbox.

Test vacuum related systems in the engine including ignition systems, carburetors, automatic transmissions, computer systems, fuel systems, air conditioning units, cruise control units,emmisions control systems and more.
One person can quickly and simply bleed the hydraulic lines of most automotive braking systems, including some anti-lock brake systems without the mess.

Silverline Vacuum Pump
Reservoir Jar and Transfer Lid
Storage Lid
Brake Bleeding Adapter Package
Automotive Test Adapter Package
1 1/4" Rubber Cup Adapter
Two 24" Lengths of 1/4" I.D. Tubing
Carrying Case with Removable Lid
110+ Page User's Manual