MLL-903428.jpg Miller Electric/Auto Arc
Moonlighter 150 AC/DC TIG Welder
Order# MLL903428

$3,860.00  The price in Kiev!
The "Moonliter 150" is a complete AC/DC TIG and Stick welding package. The advanced circuitry gives you finer output adjustments with the "Fingertip" control. Built in arc starter for DC/TIG and built in arc stabilizer for AC/TIG welding on aluminum. An automatic post-flow timer is included to protect the Tungsten electrode.
Add a bottle of shielding gas and some electrodes and you're ready to start welding. An ideal package for Fabricators, Auto Restorers, Racers, Farmers, Ranchers, Artists, Home Hobbiest, or anyone needing the versatility of a Stick and TIG combination system.

Includes: Gas regulator & gas hose, TIG torch with fingertip control, electrode holder, ground cable w/clamp, power input cable and owners manual

Specifications & Capacities:

Input Voltage: 200(208)230VAC,60Hz. Rated Output @ 20% Duty Cycle, Tig: 150Amps, 15VDC. Rated Output @ 20% Duty Cycle, Stick: 150A/25VAC 130A/25VDC. Tig Welding Range: AC Low 20-50, AC High 50-165, DC 30-160. Stick Welding Range:20-50 AC/Low, 35-165 AC/High, 25-130 DC. Maximum Open Circuit Voltage: 78, Rated Input: 230V. @ 52A. Weight 140 lbs. Dimensions: 18"H, 13"W, 25.5"D.

TIG Weld Steel & Stainless Steel from 18 gauge to 3/16" (1.2-4.8mm). TIG Weld Aluminum, 14 gauge to 3/16" (1.8-4.8mm). For thicker metals, use the "Stick Weld" mode using 3/32" & 1/8" electrodes.