MLL-903581.jpg Miller Electric/Auto Arc
MIG Welder AutoArc190 30-200AMP
Order# MLL903581

$2,995.00  The price in Kiev!
All in one 230V ideal for auto shops
30-200 Amps - Welds 3/8" thick metal and sheet metal
Runs all wires from .023 to .035 diameter
Takes 10lb. or 33lb. wire spools
Welds aluminum (spool gun suggested)
Includes: gas hose, regulator, extra tips and 10 foot MIG gun, smaple welding wire.

35% @ 190A @ 23VDC duty cycle
current range
33 OCV volts/40 amp input line required
Size: 27" H x 18 W x 36" D
Shipping weight: 175 lbs