MLL-903809.jpg Miller Electric/Auto Arc
MIG Welder XLT270 30-250AMP
Order# MLL903809

$4,791.75  The price in Kiev!
With a wide output range (30-300 amps)this system welds steel and stainless steel from gauge to 1/2" (12mm)thick in a single pass. Wire sizes .023"-.045" (0.6-1.2mm) steel .023"-.035" (0.6-0.9mm) stainless, .030"-.045" (0.8-1.2mm) flux cored. Weld Aluminum with the optional Spool Gun attachment. Rated @ 250 amps 28 vdc. 40% duty cycle. Wire feed speed 25-700 IPM.

Includes: 12' Mig gun, work clamp & 10' cable, running gear w/ tank holder, gas regulator with hose, spare tips and owners manual.

Power Input: 200(208)230VAC. 60 Hz. 1 Phase Power Output: 200 Amps, 24VDC @ 60% Duty Cycle. Welding Range: 30-250 Amps Wire Feed Speed 90-750 ipm. Dimensions: 31 1/4"H, 18 7/8"W, 36 1/2"D. Weight 235 lbs.