MO-5800.jpg Mo Clamp
G Body Clamp
Order# MO 5800

$194,30  The price in Kiev!
Mo-Clamp’s G Clamp means easier pulling, with multiple pulling angles.The G Clamp has a throat opening of 4 inches allowing plenty of room to get over, around and behind the damage. And the movable shackle means more versatility. Made of heat-treated alloy steel, cast for extra strength. Includes swivel pad.

Overall length: 10 1/2” wide (267 mm)
Overall width: 6” (152 mm)
Weight: 6 lbs. (2.72 kg)
Capacity: 5 tons (4,536 kg)

Replacement Parts: #4055 Screw Pin Shackle - #520034 Main Shaft - #840065 Swivel Pad