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I.S.O. Flaring Tool
Order# OLD7208

$95,85  The price in Kiev!
The Oldforge Flaring tool will accomplish the I.S.O. flare without removing the brake line from the vehicle, and it has the strength to withstand the pressure necessary to flare mild steel tubing (1.0mm wall thickness) used on the front wheel drive brake line.
The yoke is made of a heat treated, alloy steel drop forging, with a special patented center screw. The bar assembly is hardened and includes four special adapers, 4.75mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. The Flaring Tool will hold up under repeated use and produces a smooth, consistent flare.
The set is complete with Flaring Tool, four secial adapters, a chamfering tool and a combination wrench and height gauge. It is packed in an attractive, durable polyethylene box, with operating instructions and drawings on the inside lid. Finish is contrasting bright luster plate and black oxide.
Front wheel drive cars and light trucks, both foreign and domestic, are installing the I.S.O. (International Standard Organization) sized steel brake lines with the I.S.O. flare. This is not the standard double flare.