OME-50040.jpg Omega
Hydraulic Body/Frame Repair Kit- 4 Ton Capacity
Order# OME50040

$391,70  The price in Kiev!
Quick connect technology for effortless assembly of attachments to meet your pushing and pulling needs
Custom fitted molded carrying case
Safety overload mechanism to prevent ram and cylinder damage
Includes: Hand pump; hydraulic hose; 10 ton ram; 3", 6-1/8", 8-1/2", 16-1/2", 19-1/2", and 27" extension tubes; male connector; wedge head; serrated saddle; flat base; ram toe; plunger toe; rubber head; 90 combination head; spreader; dust cover (for hose); dust cover (for ram); hose coupler; ram coupler; molded case.