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Merit Series 4-Ton Collision Repair Set
Order# OTC1513

$391,65  The price in Kiev!
This set features a very competitively priced, yet high quality hydraulic hand pump, hose and ram. Set components snap together, permitting you to assemble your work setup in minutes, to apply pushing, spreading or pulling force. This set includes a single-speed hydraulic hand pump, and a durable carrying case for all components.
•Includes: Single-speed Merit hydraulic hand pump, Single-acting Merit ram with 4" stroke, Hyd. hose, 72" lg., 1/4" NPT male fittings, Extension tube, 4" lg, Extension tube, 8" lg., Extension tube, 12" lg, Extension tube, 16" lg, Extension tube coupling, Flat base, Rubber flex head, 1/2-ton hydraulic spreader tool with 1/4" NPT ram half coupler, Ram toe, Plunger toe, Wedge head, 90 degree wedge head, Serrated saddle, Storage case.