OTC-1794.jpg OTC Division of SPX Corp.
Stinger 1/2 Ton Hi-Lift Air/Hydraulic Transmission Jack
Order# OTC1794

$1,781.25  The price in Kiev!
Built for the budget minded shop owner who still want the quality of an OTC product
Air assist primary stage, activated by foot pedal, for rapidly raising the mounting head to the load
Second stage, activated by a hand pump, provides precise control when raising the load. Release knob gives precise control when lowering the load.
Fully adjustable saddle with adjustable corner brackets and safety chain for optimum positioning of the load
Flash chromed rams that inhibit rust from entering the hydraulic system
Safety overload system prevents jack from being used beyond its rated capacity
Wide leg base with 4" polyurethane swivel wheels that provide stability and easy manuevering (Brakes on two of the wheels)
Equipment you can depend on, backed by OTC 2 year warranty

Max load capacity: 1,000 lbs.
Overall height at low position: 36"
Max high position: 74.8"
Max foward tilt: 42 degrees
Max back tilt: 46 degrees
Max side tilt: +/- 12 degrees
Base width: 37.15"