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ABS 1998 Software Update Kit with Pathfinder Diagnostics for Enhanced Monitor
Order# OTC3305-135

$645,75 The price in Kiev!
•The only non-GM cartridge to include GM-approved software for Delco VI.
•Includes OBD II Class II communication standards.
•Offers coverage on most Ford cars, vans and trucks.
•ABS '98 lets you perform bi-directional tests (all model years), -you can activate solenoids, relays & motors to verify proper operation.
•OTC's Pathfinder information covers most domestic ABS systems and provides hard-to-find specifications from wheel speed sensor output voltages to torque values.
•Pathfinder also includes corect OE bleed procedures, ABS computer and connector locations, TSB references and more.
•System applications include: Bendix Mecatronix, Bosch, Class II, Delco, Delco/Bosch, Kelsey Hayes, Sumitomo (MECS), Teves.
•Codes, code descriptions and and data stream are included for most 1987 and newer vehicles including model year 1998.
•ABS '98 covers M, Ford and Import systems including Honda/Acura, GM imports, Nissan, Infiniti, Isuzu, Toyota & more.
•ABS '98 Software Update Kit includes software cartridge, cables, OBD II insert, manuals -including 400 page ABS TSB manual.