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GTi Graphing Software
Order# OTC3341

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• Revolutionary software enables you to view live data directly from the OTC Enhanced Monitor scan tool, MicroGas 5-gas analyzer, or Perception scope on your PC, in full color!
GTi software installs onto your PC hard drive like any other software. Then just plug in your OTC Enhanced Monitor, MicroGas analyzer or Perception 2-channel scope/multimeter and run your diagnostic test. You'll see data immediately on the screen, in user-friendly Windows® format. You can scroll through menus quickly, and use the keyboard to input commands. In full color graphic display, you see a range of information on a single screen so that you can make on-the-spot comparisons, spotting trouble immediately. You even control which sensors will be displayed. Pick your "likely suspects" and graph them in full color on the big screen! Intermittent problems become easy to find and fix. You can perform a road test, download, and display the information to find the problem. And, you can use any PC printer to create a print-out of the results to show your customer, adding information on your "specials" to stimulate other service business. You can also use the data to build your own "problem-solution" encyclopedia. OTC's GTi software is completely compatible with Pathfinder '96 or '97 scan tool software so you can have all-inclusive diagnostic capability, including OBD II. (Note: Order Cables Separately)
Hardware Requirements: 486/66 MHz Computer (Pentium 133 MHz recommended), 16 MB RAM, 15 MB additional hard drive space (25 MB recommended), Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 3.1 or Windows 3.11, 1 unused serial port, VGA Color Monitor (SVGA recommended), Keyboard and Mouse.