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Genisys Import 2000 Software Subscription Starter Kit
Order# OTC3421-11

$1.258,85  The price in Kiev!
Harness the power of the Genisys system for Asian import vehicles. Covers 17 popular Asian vehicle makes up to the year 2000, plus European vehicles compatible with the U.S. OBDII standard. It even has bi-directional testing capabilities with a Toyota vehicles.
Covers: Acura 1996-2000, Honda 1996-2000, Infiniti 1996-2000, Kia 1996-2000, Mazda 1996-2000, Nissan 1996-2000, Suzuki 1996-2000, OBD II 1994-2000, Daewoo 1999-2000, Hyundai 1996-2000, Isuzu 1996-2000, Lexus 1994-2000, Mitsubishi 1996-2000, Subaru 1996-2000, Toyota 1994-2000
Updates - As a registered user you are automatically eligible for all Import 2000 updates, for the model year coverage purchase, and It is FREE! Updating is easy from the internet, BBS, CD, or from a flash card.
This starter kit is for Genisys owners who want to add import coverage. The kit includes an Import 2000 update CD, Smart Card, Genisys-To-PC cable, vehicle cables, Import 96 software cartridge, and manuals.