OTC-3625.jpg OTC Division of SPX Corp.
Tech 2 Flash Scan Tool Basic Set
Order# OTC3625

$4,460.00  The price in Kiev!
As you would expect from a top end scan tool, the Tech 2 Flash is loaded with features:
• Authentic GM software in OTC's Tech 2 Flash means you have the same information as GM dealers.
•Suports on-board diagnostics for all GM systems '92 thru '98.
• Removable hardware modules provide insurance against scan tool obsolescence.
• Both current and future owners of Tech 2 Flash can purchase PC memory cards to greatly expand and enhance their investment. You'll have the option to purchase OTC data stream capabilities for GM ('81-'91), Ford ('83-"97), and Chrysler ('84-'97) in August '98. Later, you will be able to add other OTC Asian import and Pathfinder software.
• The Tech 2 Flash scanner is reprogrammable to keep pace with vehicle and tool evolution.
• Graphics screen displays both tests and graphics, and is capable of showing 9 sensors at once. Snapshot graphing shows you any failures at a glance.
• RS232 communications port provides the avenue to connect future devices to your Tech 2 Flash.
The authentic GM '92-'98 software provides full bi-directional control on powertrain, chassis, and body diagnostics.
• Store DTC, freeze frame, and failure record for later review.
• Ergonomic design makes the Tech 2 Flash easy and comfortable to use. Adjustable straps on both sides permit single-handed operation.
• Raised tactile keys, clearly labeled mean no mistaken key punches.
Includes the OTC Tech 2 Flash, vehicle power cables, necessary vehicle adapters, and 10 MB '92-'98 GM PC diagnostic card. Packed in a heavy-duty storage case.