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Deluxe MicroGas 5-Gas Module Kit with Genisys Software
Order# OTC3735

$5,580.00  The price in Kiev!
Road testing portability for proper diagnosis reducing need for expensive chassis dyno.
Gas analyzer can run simultaneously with other Genisys software applications.
Live gas display shows values for CO2, CO, HC, O2, NOx, AFR and Lambda.
Highly accurate - meets or exceeds BAR97, BAR90, BAR84, BAR80, EPA207B and numerous international accuracy standards.
Function keys allow you to Record, Zero, Graph, Print and more.
Average mass (for Genisys only) feature allows you to convert data to grams-per-mile
System can be configured to read gasoline, propane, methane or variable fuel vehicles.
Contains recommended maintenance schedule and gas analyzer status.
User serviciable - Eliminates the need to send unit back to the factory for routing maintenance.
Designed and built in the U.S.A.
Backed by an 18 month warranty.
Includes the MicroGas module along with sampling hose, probe, cables, filters, and Genisys gas software CD with Smart Card and cable.