OTC-4105.jpg OTC Division of SPX Corp.
10 Ton Single-Acting, Spring-Return Ram
Order# OTC4105

$590,25  The price in Kiev!
OTC's design ensures positive, leak-resistant sealing throughout all pressure ranges, yet full piston return characterisitcs are maintained. Additional bearing surface has been designed into these units to effectively resist the punishing stress exerted by off-center loads. Depending on capacity, this ram can handle a variety of bending and straightening jobs, construction maintenance applications, pressing operations, body and frame straightening, and rear housing and axle correction.
Capacity in Tons: 10
Stroke "A": 10 1/8"
Oil Capacity (cu. in.): 22.9
Effective Ram Area (sq. in.): 2.236
Tons at 10,000 PSI: 11.2
Spring Return: Yes
Height Collapsed "B": 15 1/2"
Height Extended "C": 25 7/8"
Piston Protrusion at Collapsed Height: 1 1/16"
Diameter "D": 2 1/4"
Diameter "E": 1 5/8"
Piston Thread (N.P.T.)"F": 1 1/4"
Collar Thread (Straight)"G": 2 1/4"-14
Internal Base Thread (N.P.S.M.)"H": 1 1/4"-11 1/2
Wt. (lbs./oz.): 14/13