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Fuel Injection Cleaner Starter Kits with Fittings, Adapters and Cleaner
Order# OTC7659

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Clogged fuel injectors can cause sluggish engine performance, poor fuel economy, rough idle, and customer complaints. With these sets, you get our canister-type cleaner plus adapters to clean injectors on most vehicles, domestic or imported. You can service a wider range of vehicles because these sets require fewer adapters. Using OTC's Pro Inject-R Kleen fluid, the injectors are effectively cleaned, spray pattern is restored, and prevents recurring deposits. You can also perform high- and low-pressure fuel system tests. Simply connect the canister to your regular shop air supply for more effective and economical cleaning - without expensive propellants! These sets can also decarbonize intake and combustion systems when used with fitting No. 7666 and No. 7904 D-Karbonizer4 fluid.
Includes: canister, gauge, hose, fittings, operating instructions and Tools & Techniques manual and twelve 16-oz. cans of Pro Inject-R Kleen fluid. Wt. 29 lbs.