ROB-13203.jpg Robinair Div. of SPX Corp.
Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil -1 Quart
Order# ROB13203

$35.00  The price in Kiev!
The performance of your pump depends largely on the quality and purity of the vacuum pump oil. Robinair's oil is engineered to maintain maximum viscosity at high running temperatures and to improve cold weather starts.
To keep the pump operating at peak efficiency, change the oil frequently. Moisture and other contaminants can quickly deteriorate the purity of the oil, thinning the oil and reducing the pumps ability to reach deep vacuum conditions.
Thermally Stable: Laboratory tests prove that Robinair oil is more thermally stable in comparison to other leading brands... which means it resists breaking down due to heat for a longer period of time.
Lower Moisture Content: Robinair oil has a lower moisture content than other oils, thanks to our special packaging and handling procedures.