ROB-16800.jpg Robinair Div. of SPX Corp.
Master A/C Diagnostic Kit
Order# ROB16800

$2,670.00  The price in Kiev!
Easy to use diagnostic tool allows the technician to pinpoint: Condensor failure, compressor failure, refrigerant charge failure, evaporator failure, A/C system restrictions.
Simple and specific pinpointing of the A/C system fault, even on dual zone vehicles found on many of the newest cars.
Slashes troubleshooting time and ensures the repairs you make are effective

Time Saving Technology: This diagnostic tool contains a data bank of thousands of pieces of data covering various failure modes, on a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. It recieves data from two simple hook-ups to the vehicle being serviced. The tool automatically determines and reveals which A/C system failures are most likely. This tool walks you through a logical, multi-level testing process to aquire the data you'll need to make a speedy and accurate diagnosis.
Printout Capability: You can print out a copy of the logged data, and include it with a faulty component you return under warranty.
Upgradeable Software: As future A/C systems develop, your tool can be upgraded to accommodate them. Your investment is protected!