ROB-342000.jpg Robinair Div. of SPX Corp.
Cool-Tech 2K Advanced R134a Station
Order# ROB342000

$8,500.00 The price in Kiev!
• Microprocessor - Controls functions; typical evacuation time and recharge amounts are pre-programmed as defaults but can be easily changed as needed; also signals when time to drain oil container, change source tank,
change filter-drier.
• Refrigerant identifier - Can save you thousands of dollars by warning you of contaminated or mixed refrigerants. Verifies 98% purity automatically at the
beginning of each job.
• Electronic scale - Permanently mounted inside the cabinet
• One hookup - All service work is done in one fast continous operation
through the standard high and low side hook-ups to the vehicle. Single pass
recycling meets SAE specs.
• Heavy-duty compressor - Field proven compressor pulls from both the low and high sides to recover all refrigerant from vehicle quickly.
• Oil-less vacuum pump - Maintenance free pump quickly pulls to deep vacuum conditions for thorough evacuation; removes air and moisture so system
operates at peak efficiency
• Automatic air purge - Test refrigerant before recovery and continuously monitors refrigerant in the internal vessel, automatically purges air as needed
• Built-in diagnostics - If any operating parameters are incorrect, unit alerts you so corrections can be made.
• Automatic oil drain - The unit drains system oil that was removed during recovery.
• On-board oil injector - Lets you replace the lost oil at the push of a button.
• Automatic refrigerant refill - You never have to stop in the middle of a job to change refrigerant tanks. The unit maintains a constant 12 to 15 pounds of refrigerant in an internal vessel, filling automatically from a disposable source tank and signals when the supply tank needs to be changed.
• No special training needed - Plain language prompts on oversized high resolution display guide you through entire service
• Built-in printer - Increases customer confidence, simplifies diagnosis and provides record of service; just press “Print” to get a hard copy of pressure/temperature, ambient conditions and other data.
Voltage: 115V 60 Hz
Source Tank: 30lb or 50 lb. (not included)
Operating Range: 50 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees to 49 degrees C)
Recycling Filter-Drier: 43 cu. in. (710 cc) Spin-On Type
Scale Resolution: 1/100 lb. (.02 kg)
Dimensions: 52"H x 33"W x 20"D (132 cm x 83.8 cm x 50.8 cm)
Weight: Approx. 202lbs (91.63kg) w/o source tank