ROB-343002K.jpg Robinair Div. of SPX Corp.
CoolTech Dual LT Economy Recovery, Recycling, Evacuation and Recharging Unit for R-12 and R-134a
Order# ROB343002K

$8,060.00 The price in Kiev!
Now you can have the convenience of a dual unit and the performance of a much higher priced unit in one compact model. The Cool-Tech Dual gives you all the advantages of combined R-12 and R-134a capabilities, but requires more technician involvement than our automatic model.
Evacuation time can be entered into the microprecessor, but the technician controls the flow of refrigerant by opening and closing the manifold valves. This semi-automatic operation is off-set by the affordability of the unit.
Saves valuable service time!
1/3 HP Compressor: Pulls refrigerant from both the high and low sides of the system for fastest recovery.
Filter-Drier: High capacity for effective contaminant removal; replace the entire canister for fast changeovers.
Tare Function: Zeroes the display for recharging to eliminate any complicated calculations; just hold the "Charge" key and read the amount of refrigerant being charged. Release the key when the correct amount has been transferred.
Refrigerant Selection: Just press a button to select R-12 or R-134a; there's no need to clear before switching refrigerants and no worry about cross-contamination.
Vacuum Pump: Unit comes equipped with Robinair's Cool-Tech vacuum pump, rated at a full 6 CFM.
Takes the guesswork out of A/C service!
Microprocessor: Controls functions including vacuum and recovery; the display shows the weight of recovered refrigerant and recharge amount a it's being delivered.
Electronic Scale: Charges by weight for greatest acccuracy; also weighs the amount of refrigerant recovered and provides tank overfill protection (two included).
Manual Air Purges: Use gauges on the control panel to monitor tank pressure so you know when to release air from the tanks.
Voltage: 115V 60Hz
Refrigerant Tanks: Two 30lb (14kg), DOT approved
Operating Range: 50 degrees to 120 degrees fahrenheit (11-49 degrees C)
Recycling Filter-Drier: 43 cu. in. spin-on type
Pump Free Air Displacement: 6 cfm (142L/m)
Dimensions: 45"H x 22"W x 28"D (114cm x 56cm x 71cm)
Weight: 168lbs (76.2kg) without tanks