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AF PRO Plus Coolant Recycler
Order# ROB75650

$3,520.00  The price in Kiev!
The AF Pro Plus is a compact unit that can be used for virtually all your coolant service work. It recycles on or off the vehicle, it can be used to drain and then refill a system, it has a reverse flow option that provides back flushing, and it includes a gauge to check system presssure for diagnostics.
Recycle on the vehicle
Recycle off the vehicle (great when repairs are needed!)
Drain and fill for simple coolant exchange
Pressure test for leaks
Reverse coolant flow to clean system
Vacuum fill an empty system
Unique Space-Saving Cabinet: The tank-within-a-tank design is completely self-contained to save space in today's crowded shops. The new and used coolant tanks are built into the interior of the unit; each holds 30 quarts.
Fast, Simple Operation: The 75650 removes, cleans and reinhibits, then returns coolant to the vehicle in one step, with one hook-up to the vehicle. It works by forcing the used coolant out of the vehicle, then pumping in the recycled fluid; during recycling, the coolant is processed through filters before it's transferred to the vehicle.
No Hose Cutting Required: The cooling system is accessed through the upper radiator hose, so there's no need to cut the hose. One end of the hose is removed (either from the engine block or the radiator side) and a special adapter that connects to the unit is installed using a hose clamp. Quick connect couplers save time and contain coolant to prevent spills and mess.
Built-In Diagnostics Save Time: When the unit is hooked up to the system, it can be used to check for system leaks, to verify cap operation and to check the overflow tank for functionality, eliminating the need for many separate diagnostic tools.
Simplifies Repairs: Coolant can be quickly removed from the vehicle when repairs or component replacement is necessary. More thorough than simple draining, there's little residual coolant to worry about when parts are disassembled.
The AF Pro Plus is powered by standard shop air and the vehicles' 12V battery (when needed). It comes with two step adapters and radiator cap adapters.
Dimensions: 48"H x 25"W x 26"D (121.9 cm x 61.6 cm x 66 cm)
Weight: 135 lbs (61.2 kg)
Power Source: 12V DC and compressed air, 75psi minimum at 5 cfm
Coolant Tanks: New - 30 quarts; Used - 30 quarts (internal tanks)