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Transmission Service Solution (TSS) Unit
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Most transmission problems are the result of contamination. As the transmission runs, heat breaks down the automatic transmission fluid, creating varnish. This varnish is deposited on metal parts including the valve bodies that control shifting, as well as on internal seals and other non-metal parts. When the seals shrink due to dehydration, internal pressure is lost, resulting in clutches that slip and -ultimately- transmissions that fail.
Varnish can also coat the cooling lines running through the transmission, so that heat builds up and the break-down of the ATF is accelerated.
Robinair's TSS uses a unique process that's patent pending and a special cleaning solvent to remove the varnish and other contaminants while rehydrating the seals.
Your customers will notice smoother shifting and quicker engagement of gears, along with faster downshifting. The transmission itself will run cooler, reducing wear and extending its life.
Fast: Takes only about 20 minutes for the process, and simple connections save time. Two adapters are included - with competitive models you need to purchase many specialized adapters.
Complete: Vacuum method removes 85% or more of the ATF, including what's in the pan, torque converter, and transmission cooler.
Operates on Shop Air: No electrical connection is needed, and there are no moving parts to wear out.
Meets OE Requirements for Filter Change*: Makes it easy to change the filter since all the ATF is removed from the pan; a filter change also eliminates clutch fibers and other contaminants that prevent full flow.
*All major OEMs call for new ATF and filter every 30,000 miles.
Simple Operation: Pour one bottle of cleaner into the transmission and run the vehicle through all gears to circulate cleaner. Using the flexible fill tube, evacuate ATF from the pan, then tie into the cooling lines and let the unit "vacuum" out all the fluid. Refill with new fluid.
Self-Contained: Used fluid is collected in a five-gallon internal tank. A powered discharge makes transfer clean and fast. Dispose of used ATF following standard waste oil procedures.
Comes ready to use with hose, fill tube, two adapters, internal tank to collect the used fluid and one case of TSS cleaner.
Dimensions: 41-3/4"H x 24-1/4"W x 20"D (106cm x 61.6cm x 50.8cm)
Weight: 84lbs (38.1 kg)
Power Supply: Compressed Air