SAT-29355.jpg SATA Spray Equipment
SATAJet 2000 Digital HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun - 1.4mm
Order# SAT29355

$916.00  The price in Kiev!
Digital inlet pressure measurement:
No need for a bulky external air micormeter with gauge at gun
Allows for extact setting of inlet pressure for perfect finish results
Gun washer safe
SATAJet 2000:
Gives the painter extremely fine atomization and very consistent spray fan
Extraordinary metallic particle control
No mottling, clouding or striping VHS, UHS, Clear Coats and Single Stage Paints
Optimum material flow and quick surface coverage even with thin film build
V4A stainless steel needle and fluid tip, solvent resistant teflon seals and jewel like nickel plating
Comes with 1 Liter aluminum cup
15 CFM at 29 psi